15th Thai Food and Cultural Festival, Canberra

17 September 2560 Office of Agricultural Affairs, Canberra in association with Rice Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives participated in the 15th Thai Food and Cultural Festival, organized by and held at Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra. The Festival is held annually and has been one of the most anticipated cultural events in Canberra. This year the theme of the festival was “Rich and Bountiful Land” reflecting the abundance of rich natural resources and diversities of food and agricultural products of Thailand particularly Thai rice.

The Thai officials were accompanied by Dr. Andrew Loch, Assistant Director, Horticulture Exports Program and Ms. Julia Lenton, Horticulture Exports Program of Plant Export Operations, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources throughout the trip. The Thai officials had a chance to visit several fruit farms in the area e.g. apples, pears, plums, nectarines etc.