Promotion of Thai Food in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

20 – 21 August 2017 Office of Agricultural Affairs, Canberra dispatched Ms. Rumrada Thaewvong, researcher, to participate in the promotion of Thai food and commodities in New Zealand, organized by Royal Thai Embassy, Wellington in association with Thai Society Charitable Trust of New Zealand. The objectives were to promote Thai food among New Zealand consumers particularly Thai dishes made from cooked duck meat. The events were held at Nickie’s Thai Restaurant in Auckland and at the Royal Thai Embassy in Wellington.

Cooked duck meat from Thailand has been allowed for export to New Zealand since March 2017. The events were joined by a number of interested observers ranging from Thai restaurant owners, importers to local government officials including Mr. Michael Whale, Honorary Consul General, Royal Thai Consulate, Auckland and his wife. Five dishes made from aromatic roast duck and boiled fried ducks imported from CPF Food (Thailand) Public Company Ltd. were showcased as examples. Cooked duck meat can be used to create a variety of interesting Thai dishes. They are convenient for use and proofed to be very tasty. The researcher took the opportunity to interview all parties concerned involving the processor/exporter, importers and restaurant owners. The results will be incorporated into the research project funded by National Bureau of Agriculture Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS).