Study Visit of Royal Project Foundation and HRDI, Victoria and Tasmania

9 – 14 July 2017 Office of Agricultural Affairs organized and facilitated the study visit of 5 officers from the Royal Project Foundation and Highland Research and Development Institute (Public Organization) to several public and private fishery agencies in the States of Victoria and Tasmania. The visit was aimed at exchanging information on technological development in aquaculture and seeking opportunity to develop technical collaboration.

The officers visited Snobs Creek Facilities in Elidon, which is an agency under Fisheries Management and Science Branch of Fisheries Victoria. The main responsibility is to ensure sustainable and management of fish stocks. Main fish production for stocking are Salmonids group consisting of Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Brook trout etc. and native fish consisting of Murray cod, Trout cod, Macquarie perch, Australian catfish, Barramundi etc.

The officers also visited Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm which is a private fish farm in Buxton, Victoria. The farm has its own hatcheries for trout and salmon. The farm is open for recreational fishing using rods and bait. The group went on to have a meeting with Inland Fisheries Services (IFS) which is a semi-government agency under the State of Tasmania authority. Its mission is to manage and develop Tasmania’s inland fishery resources, for the benefit of all stakeholders and the Tasmanian community. The agency owns Salmon Pond Heritage Hatchery & Garden which has been converted into a tourist attraction. Elvers of short finned-eels (Anguilla australis) are collected from the wide and reared in ponds here and further released to natural waters. The Royal Project Foundation will technically cooperate with IFS on imported elvers from Tasmania for culture at the Royal Project Foundation site in Chiangmai.